Quiero Fajitas.

Fajitas!  Fajitas fajitas fajitas.  How have I been going on and on about my food for so long and not talked about fajitas yet?  This is an every few weeks standard in our house because: 1) it’s easy. 2) it’s fast. 3) it’s healthy.  Win, win, win.  Also, living in North Carolina, you really can’t escape falling in love with Mexican food.  When you make Mexican at home though, you don’t have to do battle with the chips basket!

You can do any combination of protein and veggies that you want, and it’s basically just a matter of chopping and heating.  I’ll give you the run down of what I made the other night, but honestly, you could open your fridge and make these tonight with what you have on hand.

(I’ll show you the sauce I made too, but you can just use olive oil, some chili powder and garlic to flavor it.)

Okay, enough talk.  Let’s HEAT!

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Here’s the cast and crew.  Some protein (chicken in this case), and veggies (peppers) and tortilla shells.

For the sauce: limes (or lime juice), Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco *Chipotle* sauce.  This a combo my friend Kate suggested a long time ago, and I’ve used it ever since to give my fajitas a smoky taste.

For those of you who like precision in the kitchen: the juice from 2 limes (~1/4 cup), 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce and 1 Tbsp of the Chipotle sauce, depending on how much heat you want.

fajitas collage.jpg

Chop veggies up into 2-bite pieces.  I usually use peppers and onions.

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Kitchen hint!  To make clean up easier, I put a plastic grocery bag inside a bowl.  Throw all your cuttings in there, and when you’re done, just scoop up the bag and throw it out.  This will save you from having LOTS of clean up when you’re all done.  (Obviously you could compost it, too… I’m not there yet, but maybe YOU are!)

1 16 10 Utah 250


Put your cut-up veggies off to the side, and get your protein out.  You will cook this first, but cutting it second prevents you from having to get a second cutting board out.  (Another kitchen tip, free from me to you!)

Cut the chicken (for whatever protein you are using) into 2-bite pieces as well.  Do ya’ll know what I mean by 2-bite pieces?  Hopefully that’s self-explanatory, but you know, a piece you could eat in… 2 bites!  (This makes it easier to eat AND cook.)

Add some olive oil to a medium-heat pan.  For fajitas for 2, I use 2 Tbsp of olive oil.

Add the chicken to the pan, and cook it to almost finished.

1 16 10 Utah 258

Add the vegetables, and cook to the texture you want.  (I like ‘em crispy.)

By the way, you probably want a bigger pan than what I used here.

1 16 10 Utah 263

Add the sauce that you mixed up earlier.

1 16 10 Utah 274

While the sauce simmers with the fajita mixings, put tortillas on a plate with paper towels and a little sprinkle of water.  Microwave for 30 seconds.

Scoop the fajita mixings into a bowl.  Serve with sour cream, salsa or whatever you want!

And then… it’s time to EAT!  “Vamos a comer!”

1 16 10 Utah 285

(Directions for homemade tortilla chips to be forthcoming!)

Baja Lime Tostadas

We eat a lot of chicken.  Not going to lie – sometimes it gets a little bit boring.  I was looking for a way up our poultry tastings, but I needed something quick.  I make homemade tortilla chips a lot by just baking tortilla shells, so I got the idea to try and make homemade tostadas.  First, I marinated the chicken overnight in my FAVORITE mexi-flavored marinade, Annie’s Organic Baja Lime Marinade.  I first picked this marinade up on a whim when I was looking for a lower sodium marinades and it’s one I’ve gone back to time and time again.

Annie's Baja Lime Marinade

Annie's Baja Lime Marinade

I put the tortilla shells (small ones) on a cookie sheet and sprayed them with cooking spray.  They went in the oven at 400 degrees for just about 6 minutes.  (I flipped them half way through.)  In the meantime, I cooked the chicken on my indoor grill.  When the tostadas were good and crispy, I pilled them up with 2 oz of chicken each and 1 T of shredded cheese.  I put them back in for just another minute to get the cheese a little melty.  When they came out, I dolloped them with 1 T of low fat sour cream and a reckless amount of salsa.

Chicks on the Indoor Grill

Chicks on the Indoor Grill

They were delicious, but we weren’t sure whether you were supposed to pick them up and eat them or slice them up.  We folded them like NY style pizzas and tried to catch the runaway salsa.  So good!

Finished Product!  Eat up!

Finished Product! Eat up!

Although it’s a bit of an estimate with the salsa, they should be around 240 calories.  (215 pre-salsa, with 85-cals coming from the tortilla shell.)