Inside Out Weight Management: Overcoming Emotional Eating and Breaking the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting is my new book that takes the coaching strategies I have used with hundreds of clients over the years and breaks them down into simple, actionable steps. Synopsis and instructions for ordering are listed below.


Inside Out Weight Management is different from most “diet books” because it’s not a diet book. This book is intended for those who have the basic knowledge of how to lose weight and are unable to sustain their momentum. It is even for those who have lost weight and are struggling to maintain it. This book will walk you through the steps to move you past the challenges that have made it a struggle for you to lose or maintain weight. The Inside Out Weight Management approach has two steps. The first step is examining and changing your thoughts and beliefs about weight loss. The second is tackling emotional eating. The key to changing your behavior is to change your thoughts. Many people already know how to lose weight… but that knowledge has not been enough. Something else has been missing. This is the missing piece.


Available at in paperback or Kindle. You may also order directly from me if you wish to have a personalized copy – just allow a little longer for shipping.

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