I stumbled on coaching accidentally. I was asked to research coaching for my internship in employee wellness at Duke University and as part of this research, had the opportunity to be coached by 3 different coaches. I was hooked. I knew immediately I had found what I was being called to do.

After finishing my undergraduate work at Wake Forest University in Health and Exercise Science and getting my Master’s in Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins, I went on to do my coaching training through IPEC Coaching, an ICF-accredited training program.

I’ve been working in the field of weight loss for over a decade. I have coached hundreds of people in my roles as a personal trainer, the nutrition research coordinator for a National Institute of Health funded weight loss study at Wake Forest University, a wellness coach for a Fortune 100 company and a consultant for a health coaching program for federal government employees.

What do I do?
I work one-on-one with clients, I lead group sessions and I give talks. Weight loss is my expertise, but I’ve coached clients on a myriad of topics including career change, dealing with unemployment, going back to school, starting a new relationship, managing stress and even how to start meditating. If you’ve got a goal and you’re stuck, I can coach you through it.

Because I’ve been there…
First and foremost, I’ve been my own client. I struggled with managing my weight even while I studied and worked in the field of health and exercise science. Knowing how to lose weight wasn’t enough to make it easy. It wasn’t until I went through coaching myself and came to understand how my thoughts and beliefs impacted my choices did I understand how weight loss could happen with much more ease and success.

Want to know more about my coaching?
Read about coaching, my philosophy or see what services I offer. If you’ve got specific questions, send me an email.

Want to know more?
I am a fearless cook, a slow runner, a photographer, a writer, a Zinfandel drinker, a wife and momma of a toddler and newborn. I was born in western New York, but have made a home south of the Mason-Dixon line in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I love soy lattes, my library card and taking pictures of my food.